My Funniest Movies

In this time of peril, it’s important to keep positive and laughing. So, here is a countdown of some of the funniest movies to me from the first time I initially watched them. Being put on the spot, I’m struggling to think of comedies, but I know that all of these made me laugh.

UPDATE: this list has been updated.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy v. 1

I love this movie and the soundtrack in this movie, and the adventure is so funny for being about trying to stop the destruction of the universe.

4. Jojo Rabbit

This movie was a HOOT. I recently watched it with my family, it was GREAT. There were definitely sad parts, but the funny was funny and I loved it.

3. Bridesmaids

What. A. Classic. Actually, I found out that this movie is in the top funniest movies of all time, according to Forbes by the calculation of laughs per minute.

2. Jumanji (2017)

Jack Black plays a 16 year-old egotistical teenage girl, enough said. This also got a sequel, which was also hysterical.

1. The LEGO Movie: the Second Part

True story: I almost died during this film. In the first TEN MINUTES, I laughed so hard that I spit out my slushee and choked on my popcorn that I was weeping in the theater. Hysterical, 10/10 recommend. But I really do believe that movies are funny based on who we see them with, and in this case I was super slap happy watching it with my best friend and our film professor from freshman year who ran into us in the movie theater, so laughter was inevitable.

Also, on a side note, everyone needs to watch Tiger King on Netflix. ASAP.


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