Self-Quarantine Selfie

Here’s a sweet selfie of me and my dog, Rocky.

Rocky is an 11-year old yellow lab from the Rocky Mountains, hence his name. He comes from a family of show dogs, but since he was born on July 4th as the runt of the litter with a crooked tail, his destiny was not meant for competitions but rather a nice life in Naperville, Illinois.

Rocky is an angel. He has advanced arthritis in his hips, so he likes short walks. He also enjoys giving kisses and eating all the bread in our pantry, which results in chronic ear infections.

With senior year being cut short and graduation still pending, Rocky is one of the great silver-linings of coming home. He’s getting old, and some quality time with him helps in this storm of chaos. I can’t wait to have him attend my zoom classes with me.



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