What I’ve Learned this Semester

Something I’ve learned this semester is that grades are the greatest form of motivation I can get, apparently. I have had this blog since August of 2016, and I have struggled with posting on it. There have been small streaks of motivation to post, but otherwise it has been a struggle. The ideas never seemed to come as easily, or they were just too long to do and post about.

Now that I have to post for a grade in class, it’s all I think about. I’ll be on Pinterest, come across a pin, and think “wow, that’s a great idea for my blog!” I have found inspiration within my house, online, at school, EVERYWHERE. And it’s all motivated by the desire to get a good grade. Seriously, this is my 18th post this semester. That’s a new record for the year, and we aren’t even halfway through it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like posting on my blog, but it’s just never been this easy. I mean, I’ve written about 6 draft posts that I can upload at any time because I’ve had the inspiration to write. This makes me thankful that I’m not a professional writer because apparently, I’m prone to great bouts of writer’s block.

That being said, here’s my final post for class 🙂 I pray that I keep the motivation and discipline to continue posting with the same frequency, as well as the ways that I find inspiration.


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