The Time I Almost Died at the Movies

Okay, to preface, the LEGO movies are so funny. I think that I prefer the first one to the sequel, but I had a better time seeing ‘The Second Part.’ Why? Because I almost died, of course.

The scene starts with me going to AMC Clearfork with one of my best friends, Hannah. I used a high school student deal (I know, I was a junior in college at the time but I can look young if I want to) to get a small popcorn and a slushee. We get into the theater and sit in our seats, and next thing I know, our film professor from my freshman year sees us and comes sits next to me. He’s one of my favorite professors, and we used to talk to him about how we loved the LEGO movies, so we were so excited to have him watch this with us.

So the movie starts, right? This is some of the stupidest humor I have ever seen, and about 30 seconds in I am in tears. I cannot stop laughing. Twice I choked on my popcorn. About 7 minutes into the movie, chaos has ensued and I choke on my slushee. I was choking for about a minute and almost left the theater because I though I was going to die and ruin the movie for everyone. Keep in mind, my old professor is sitting next to me, and both him and Hannah are laughing at my struggle.

The rest of the movie proved to be humorous, and I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so much during a film. How hard we laughed during those opening scenes will forever staple it as one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.


One thought on “The Time I Almost Died at the Movies

  1. Eric Haacker says:

    Amazing story! The LEGO movies are cinematic brilliance and are super funny. I love that you are so friendly with your professor and that he was laughing with your friend.


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