The Broken AC

I know I said this blog would be for my adventures in college, and while I’m not there yet, the past 24 hours have shaped an experience that is worth sharing.

Something absolutely awful happened in my house; a catastrophe. I mean, something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

The air conditioning broke.

Now depending on time of year and where you live, this isn’t so bad. Unfortunately, I am living through a Illinois heat wave in the prime of summer.

Yesterday, around 8 PM, I noticed that the thermostat upstairs read 83 degrees while the downstairs one read 70. NOT GOOD.

When you walk up the stairs–about midway between levels–you can physically FEEL the air get muggier and heavier. GROSS.

I have a portable fan at the edge of my bed that has been on high for the past 36 hours, and at this point, there has been no relief.

I couldn’t sleep last night due to this heat. I fell asleep around 5:30 AM and there are snapchats that prove that.

I showered today and normally, my hair takes a good hour and a half to air dry. It took 10 minutes today. I could feel the water evaporating off my head.

My dog refuses to come upstairs. Not even the 3 box fans borrowed from neighbors and friends spread through the main upper hallway can coax him up.

The best part: the AC guy came and said that motor was broken and needed to be repaired, which will take a couple days.

So now, I sit on the floor of my sister’s bedroom surrounded by luggage and clothing as I try pack for school as I leave in 31 hours as well as not to die from dehydration.

My final memories of my house before school are going to be so positive.

Move-in day has a temperature of 106… FML.


One thought on “The Broken AC

  1. Katie Squire says:

    I feel like these things would only happen to you girl. Besides that, I’ve always adored how you describe in exquisite detail all of your stories. Miss you!

    Liked by 1 person

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