Girl’s Guide to Getting Fit: Introduction

Now that class has ended and I’m looking for new ways to keep up with my blog, I’ve decided to be inclusive in what I’m spending my newly allotted free time trying to accomplish. As I enter this summer, my focus is on health and fitness and getting in the best shape before going off to law school in the fall. So I thought I’d create a guide for it for all my fellow college girls, high school grads, and even just working gals. Here we are hitting all the points to finding how to get fit.

WHY IS THIS DIFFERENT? Well, for one, I’m not telling you what to do but rather showing you what I’m doing. I’m totally free-balling this, but I’ve read a bunch of different stuff and I’m hoping that if it works, it can help anyone else looking to make these changes in their life. Disclaimer, I am not a dietician, or a private fitness instructor, or have any expertise myself. I just have 22 years of experience, access to the internet, and a passion for passing along advice. Keep in mind, I’m not a fitness guru or in shape myself, so this is a side-by-side journey, so this could be a blind-leading-the-blind situation for all I know.

I’m planning on updating this twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays, and as I continue to explore the world of WordPress, I may be able to add more features to this, including videos, workouts, and food stuff. To start, I made this cute header logo from scratch with stock photos! The first post on Wednesday (May 13th) will be Self Care and Self-Love, and next week is the Do’s and Don’ts of a fitness journey (celebration emojis if I could have included those).

This is 100% anecdotal, as in what’s working for me and what’s not working for me. But I’d be interested to see if it helps anyone else too. If I haven’t totally turned away your interest, click here to subscribe to this specific series:


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