The (Not-So) Curious Case of “Captain Marvel” and How to Handle Your Hate

I’ll start off by saying that I was hesitant on writing this because I don’t want it to come off as offensive, but then I remembered it’s my blog, I can do what I want, and if you’re mad, stop reading it.

Next Friday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day and I will be celebrating it by going to see Marvel’s Captain Marvel in theaters. It wasn’t planned that way, but between flying home on Thursday and flying out for Spain on Saturday, this was the only time I’d be able to see it opening weekend. And if you know me, you know I love seeing Marvel movies on opening weekend (I hate spoilers). I’m taking one of my brothers with me, and I’m just super excited.

**Note: This is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie released in 2019 and proceeds Avengers: Endgame by about a month and a half.

I’m really excited for it. I love movies, superheroes, and badass women. Overall, it seems like it’s gonna be a great storyline set in the 90s and adding a new figure to team up with the Avengers come April 26th. And I’ve gotten to talk to a lot of people, both male and female, who are really excited too! But not every movie is everyone’s cup of tea, and I get that.

What I DON’T get is the amount of hate this movie is getting. I don’t get why the idea of a female superhero saving the world in a solo movie is such a big trigger for people that they go on Rotten Tomatoes and make comments and ratings against the movie before they’ve even seen it. It is so frustrating. Maybe this doesn’t pertain to you, maybe you don’t see why it’s a big deal to me, but here’s the thing: the amount of hate Captain Marvel is getting, the amount of hate Wonder Woman and Black Panther got, it shows that there’s something wrong with our society as movie-goers and how we respect other human beings.

“Trolls” used their accounts on Rotten Tomatoes to indicate that they aren’t interested in seeing the movie. Rotten Tomatoes has now removed this feature, only indicating that almost 20,000 users want to see the movie.

Maybe those movies aren’t your favorite, they all have flaws. At the end of the day, saying “hey, I saw the movie and I just wasn’t that into it” or “I personally don’t have any interest in seeing that one” is TOTALLY OKAY and 100% your opinion! I respect that wholeheartedly, as I’ve definitely been there with other movies.

What is NOT OKAY is creating hateful posts online about why the movie is going to be terrible, why female superheroes are productions of “feminazi” propaganda, that a black superhero is irrelevant and you hope the movie fails. I’m just tired of seeing something I and so many others are so excited for be torn down by ~mostly~ men who can’t handle the idea of an empowered woman doing something that six other superheroes did in their solo movies in the MCU.

So now I would love to give some tips to those who feel that their biases and misogynist ways are preventing them from keeping quiet on their obnoxious opinions about a movie that has yet to enter theaters:

1. “I can’t support this movie because it’s about a female superhero.”

This is rare to see, but there are blatant sexists out there who will say just this, so to that I say, “LOL yeah, don’t go see it.” Simple as that. And if you don’t see a movie, your opinions about it don’t matter. 🙂

An even worse comment is that she isn’t showing enough skin or that she isn’t curvy enough. It’s 2019, can you not go 2 hours and 4 minutes without objectifying a woman, like damn.

2. Brie Larson is too political and hates men.

To clarify, Brie Larson made a comment about wanting more women involved and more diversity in the press tour for Captain Marvel. There were men who took great offense to this, so she clarified that she wants more chairs to be brought to the table so that women have a place and voice, not to get rid of men, just to also be involved. A strange concept, I know.

Also, if Brie Larson’s comments are too offensive for you or if her general political beliefs bother you – because heaven forbid a woman speaks her mind- remember that one of the most successful movies this award season was Bohemian Rhapsody* which was directed by Bryan Singer, who has been accused on multiple occasions of sexual misconduct of minors. That’s pretty offensive.

*I loved Bohemian Rhapsody (I saw it like 5 times) and I acknowledge that Bryan Singer was fired, just note that he is still credited and made over $40M off the movie.

3. She’s too powerful. She’ll to overshadow everyone else in Endgame.

Well, son, if you fear for your favorite Avengers’ lives in this next movie the way I do, you better hope she shows up all-mighty and kicking ass. Otherwise we might as well dig the graves before the movie begins.

4. Captain Marvel is an alcoholic and abusive in the comics.

Can’t fact check that one with the fact that she’s been a character for 50 years and all characters have different character arcs over a long period of time, but isn’t it so weird how the MCU doesn’t take place in the same universe as canon comics? So wild.

5. Billy Batson is the one and only Captain Marvel! Screw Carol Danvers.

Wow, isn’t it weird how he’s now called Shazam? And while the movie comes out at the same time, other than being superhero movies, these two films have nothing in common. Also, I DARE YOU to tell that to Zachary Levi and see what he thinks (SPOILER: He already said what he thinks on Instagram and it’s that you’re immature and don’t know how to be a rational adult).

6. Brie Larson said Captain Marvel would be able to lift Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer. That’s just absurd, she’s not worthy. Nor is she special.

Why’s that a problem / a big deal? Isn’t it also a moot point considering the events of Thor: Ragnarok #RIPMjolnir.

Also coming after Brie Larson’s training that she was so excited to share? Not cool.

Brie Larson posted this video of her pushing a jeep uphill while training for Captain Marvel. Here are some responses.

Real mature boys.

7. It doesn’t fit the MCU story line. This wasn’t around with Iron Man in (2008)

Hun, was anything around when Iron Man came out in 2008? The answer, my friend, is NO. They didn’t even know if Iron Man would succeed in theaters. Also, shame on you to think that Kevin Feige and the other amazing people who have dedicated the past decade to this cinematic wonderland won’t make sure that Captain Marvel fits in like the perfect puzzle piece.

8. She should have smiled more in all the promotion feed. That would have made her more likable.

Well I’ll be damned. I didn’t see Tony Stark smile or laugh when he was kidnapped by terrorists in Iron Man. Did Steve Rogers smile at all during Captain America: The First Avenger? Last time I checked, people who go around smiling all the time without reason are seen as sociopathic, but if that’s what you think a woman needs to look like, you have other issues to address. Honestly, what the hell?

This one is brought to you by Brie herself. Shutting down the haters one Instagram story at a time.

9. These movies are tailored towards men, not women.

Well, honey, you’ll be shocked to hear about who’s writing this article and who guaranteed has more knowledge of the MCU than you do. Sit down.

10. I already hate this movie because I’m a DC fan.

Cool. See point 5 about Shazam and my point above that basically says that no one is holding a gun to your head to see this movie. Just keep in mind, if you don’t see it, you don’t get to have an opinion about it. Also, people can like Marvel and DC at the same time, why pigeon-hole yourself like that?


Some of you may be thinking, “Kendall, you are CRAZY to be writing this all out, and I don’t think people are actually saying this.” Well, as the critical thinker and producer of quality information, I will have you know I spent a great deal of time researching and reading different forums on Twitter, Quora, and Reddit on why actual users, most calling themselves so-and-so, MCU Fanboy, to get the information for this article. Nothing but the best from me. My favorite was the user who didn’t realize we were talking about Captain Marvel and dug in on Captain America. It made me laugh because, you know, Steve Rogers is my favorite (I will admit, he had valid points and I respect that).

You get what you give, and putting negative energy into the world really only hurts yourself. If you don’t have anything nice or constructing to say, keep it to yourself. Otherwise, I can guarantee that in terms of respecting your opinion, no one will give a shit.

On that note, for all my other excited peeps, see you in theaters on March 8th!


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