You HAD to See This Coming

A dramatic retelling about my Friday morning:

This wonderful Friday morning before Finals week, I set my alarm for 7:30 AM. Why? Because there were rumors on the inter-webs that the trailer for the then-untitled Avengers 4 movie (in theaters May 3rd) would be coming out at 8 AM. And if you know anything about me it’s that I whole-heartedly love Marvel Studios and that I would with no question wake up early to see this trailer. One of the students I tutor even suggested that I turn on @MarvelStudios tweet notifications so I know immediately when the trailer is released.

This trailer is a BIG DEAL for a few reasons. The biggest being the fact that the last Avengers movie ended with such a big cliffhanger, and this trailer would be the first glimpse we have at what comes next. The movie also didn’t have a title, so it just added to the mystery of it all. And, of course, in comparison to other cinematic productions, the trailer should have come out in November for the six-month mark. And people at Marvel were tweeting that the trailer was going to be on Good Morning America at 8AM CT.

Nothing ever goes as planned though. I’m not kidding when I say I had two stress dreams about the trailer (probably because it’s a different focus point than all my finals), and I ended up waking up at 6:56 AM. And that’s when I saw a tweet from someone at Marvel saying the trailer has been postponed to NEXT Friday. Pretty disappointing, but oh well.

So I get up to grab my water bottle because sleep makes me thirsty, and when I went back to my bed, I was just kind of leaning on it, sipping my water as one does. WELL, what a shock it was when I get a notification at 7:01 AM from @MarvelStudios twitter with the words “Part of the journey is the end” with a link. I SWEAR TO YOU ALL, I have never moved so quickly in my life. Silently screaming “holy shit” to myself as I dove on my bed and grabbed my headphones, I immediately started watching the trailer. To be honest, I think I chanted “holy shit” the entire time I was watching it, but I was so focused that I can’t really say for sure.

To sum it up, Avengers Endgame is going to be insane. The short clip shows us Steve Rogers crying, Tony Stark dying, and Scott Lang (aka Ant Man) getting out of quantum realm – much to my relief as my brother Jackson can tell you because that part really freaked me out. Also, Hawkeye is back (YAY) but in a very angsty manner. So many things is one trailer, and, oh yeah, it’s getting released in April now.

All my roommates are asleep still, so I’m just sitting here freaking out over this enough to write a blog post on it, but it’s been about an hour, so I think I’m gonna take a quick  nap and then get to studying.

On a more excited note, I am SO hyped for this movie to come out, but I will patiently wait until April 26th because it will destroy me. Bye!


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