Procrastination: Finals Edition

I saw a tweet the other day that said something along the lines of “I procrastinate myself into stressful situations, but I get everything done, so I continue to procrastinate.” What. A. Mood. Finals season is upon us and I feel the grand urge to be stressed while doing absolutely nothing.

Right now, I could be writing part of my paper, but I’m really not feeling it. But hey, if I’m going to procrastinate, it might as well be doing something worthwhile or enjoyable. So here are all the things that I’ve been doing to keep myself from studying for my finals.

  • Sleeping

So Thursdays I wake up at 7:00am to get ready and go to work, but this Thursday my schedule changed because of finals, so I slept till 10am (for like the first time this semester) and it was AMAZING. Although, I think my body is trying to decompress from the semester and I can’t let that happen for another week.

  • Work

So, per requirement, I have to put in the same amount of hours during finals as I do every other week. For those who don’t know, I’m a tutor at TCU’s Athletic Academic Services Office, so finals is a BIG WEEK. And helping people study for finals that I have already taken is so much more relaxing than actually putting in work for my own classes.

  • Laundry

How could I ever be productive if my room is not spotless and all my laundry isn’t done? To attempt to study without first doing these incredibly important tasks is absolutely ABSURD. Kidding, just another avoidance task, but at least everything will be ready when I leave for winter break. Not packing though, everyone knows I do that at the last minute.

  • Netflix

I’ve been watching Riverdale since this summer, and I have been determined to finish season two by the time finals are over. I should probably double that up with the next procrastination activity.

  • The gym

It’s probably not the best time to workout is when I have so many other things to do. But just getting on the stair stepper or treadmill for 30 minutes to an hour mindlessly watching TV or a movie just makes me feel like I’ve done so much.

  • Reading

THAT. BOOK. I have 250 pages left AND I WILL FINISH IT.

  • This blog

I spent an hour working on an article that looks like it came straight out of Buzzfeed about animals and celebrities and I really don’t know why, but I have no regrets. I also posted two articles on Wednesday and now this one. I AM ON A ROLL, upholding my promise to post more. At least I’m accomplishing something here.

  • My roommates and friends

If I am around other people, especially my best friends, I cannot focus. So, if I offer to study with them, it usually ends with me having fun but getting nothing done on my to-do list. Oh well, socialization is good for the mind or something like that.

This article has been written,  so I am now going to start on that paper and feel amazing for doing something productive.

To everyone else who is studying right now, I feel your pain and good luck!


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