My Whole 30 Experience: Week One

There are so many fad diets out there, and I am not one to stop and try them because if you know me, you know I like food. However, last November, a fellow TCU student sent me a two-week sugar detox plan that is essentially the Whole 30 diet that is up and coming everywhere.

I completed the two week detox, and it wasn’t bad, a little challenging but overall easy to manage. So, upon returning home this summer, I decided to commit myself to a whole 30 days of eating good and see what the results might be. Before I talk about my experience so far, I will briefly give an overview of what you can and can’t eat.

NO: dairy, grains, legumes, added sugars, corn, and alcohol.

YES: fruits, vegetables (except corn), meat, fish, eggs, nuts, and potatoes (and other things).

There are more specifics, and if you finish reading this article and feel inclined to give it a try yourself, the whole list of rules and more is on


So I just completed day 8 and I WANT TO DIE.

These past eight days the feeling of hunger is constant, and it’s not like I’m not eating. However, it’s all about trying to find the food that fills me up, which apparently isn’t apples because I eat at least two of those a day.

The website has a timeline that basically says day one is easy, days two and three feel like a hangover, days four and five are like PMS on steroids, days six and seven you might not be able to get out of bed, and days eight through ten, you don’t feel good. This is 110% an uphill battle that I’m forcing myself to fight. I’ve eaten eggs so many times in the past week, the smell of them yesterday morning made me nauseous. And I’ve devoured the stash of peanuts and pistachios in our household.

To make things worse, my mom decided to make cookies the first three days of this diet. Like Mom, I am really trying to resist temptations already and you are NOT helping. And my family just loves to leave food out like chips and cereal. It’s tough. It’s really tough.

The alcohol part is absolutely no problem for me because I’m not 21 and anyone who’s ever told you that I’ve drank is a liar. But you also can’t cook with it. I’ve yet to stumble across that problem, but I’m sure it will come up at some point these next 22 days.

I’m already compiling a list of foods to eat (in moderation of course) when freedom comes on June 13th, which is also Chris Evans’ birthday so it’s going to be a really good day. All I want is Lou’s deep dish pizza and chips and queso. And ice cream, I need ice cream. 

So overall I’m feeling a 5/10 on the scale of greatness, but it’s pretty effective in seeing results. I notice I’ve lost a lot of face weight and I’ve dropped some lbs. according to the scale. I’ll post again about how the second week goes so stay tuned!


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