First Blog Post of Sophomore Year

It’s the beginning of a new year and new semester here at TCU. Despite being the second week of classes, this will be my fourth week living on campus. That is due to sorority recruitment which, once again, was one of the most interesting experiences of my life and one day I’ll probably write a book on it.

My class load for this semester is a hefty one with two political science classes, speech, Spanish, and an honors European history class. And no, I haven’t decided on a major yet. I’ll probably put up a post when that happens.

The first week of classes was actually pretty enjoyable, and some of the things that were said (in-class and extracurricularly) were funny enough for me to include here— out of context of course.

“People complain that Christianity is against pleasure, but last time I checked, God created the orgasm and Jesus turned water to wine.”

“Basically we are just gonna talk about porn and guns”

“We are talking about some controversial shit in this class”

“Bah Humbug”

“I’m going to a music festival and getting back at 4 am on Monday so expect me to be tired in class that day” (one of my professors)

While it was a fun syllabus week, I did realize that these classes, I already see some problems ahead. For example, three times into my Public Law class and I already have no idea what is going on. However, I have learned how to sue just anybody, including the school even if I sign a waiver, my roommate (watch out Hannah), and Walmart.

It’s week two and I’m already sick. I spent Friday night at Fuzzy’s shoveling queso down my throat because it’s the only thing I could swallow without feeling pain. Once again, I have a sinus infection at TCU, and the last time this happened was orientation and it was so bad I almost dropped out right then and there. I will say I’m lucky not to have gotten the flu, because that’s going around. Yuck.

Also, I realized the first day of class that I am signed up for the core speech requirement Communicating Effectively… and mine happens to be the In Your Profession section, which means all the speeches are based on—you guessed it—my major. Yes, the major I don’t have. Well, I tried.

My professor just said she’s been sued 4 times by her colleagues, so I think I’m done with this post for the day. Now an injured athlete is asking if she can sue TCU.




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