First Week of College

Making a blog going into college was not a good idea.

Not that I don’t like writing about these crazy experiences, but I didn’t realize that I would never have time.

This past week has been CRAZY. I went to my first full week of classes, and received probably 90 hours worth of homework. I cried of Chemistry when I found out that I did an hour of work by my own free will without knowing it, and sat in the study lounge in my dorm for hours reading biology.


But that’s okay because going out and partying is not a good idea for classes the next day. That’s how you fail.

I’ve made some awesome new friends. Played Giant Jenga for the first time on Wednesday and it fell over on my face. Also, if ever in the south, I recommend Bahama Bucks.

I went to a couple of club meetings this week, and I am applying for more student positions because school is great when you’re involved.

What is dangerous is the fact that my school’s cafeteria has unlimited soft-serve ice cream… That’s where the freshman 15 comes from. They also have a wing bar, but someone mixed up the sauces today. So instead of Sweet Chili sauce like I wanted, I got soy sauce. Yuck.

School’s great. Food sucks. Life is fun. GOOD LUCK THIS SEMESTER



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