Grocery Shopping in College

Today I became officially became a college student. No, I didn’t go to my first class or move in (I did that a couple of days ago). I went to the grocery store.

This doesn’t sound that exciting, but it was a fun experience.

First of all, we left for the store around 9:30 PM because we had a hall meeting that lasted much longer than necessary. After realizing there are quite a few cute boys in my dorm, I tied my new “honors college” blanket around my neck like a cape (they’re really small) and joined my friends Abby and Jordan on a trek to Kroger, the local grocery store.

I brought my wallet because my dorm key and ID are in there, but I didn’t have that much money so I wasn’t planning on buying anything.


I intelligently came to school with absolutely NO school supplies. So I got super excited when I see notebooks on sale for 19 cents. WOW.

I also bought pencils and pens and highlighters. RANT: Why is a pack of lead more expensive than 24 mechanical pencils? If I need more lead, I’m just gonna buy more pencils.

Anyway, then I saw Pop-Tarts, so you know I threw those in my cart. Just kidding, I was carrying everything and I dropped it all multiple times.

So we finally check out after I decided I shouldn’t buy popsicles when I will be making a 15 minute walk home in Texas heat. Yes, it is still 80 degrees here at 10’o’clock at night. As we were walking through campus, I can honestly say I was completely lost. My campus is really small so I have no idea how that was possible.

There was a slight breeze so my “cape” was blowing behind me and it looked cool in the moment. I’m glad there weren’t that many people around and it was dark, so I wasn’t being judged (which is nice because during recruitment I’m being judged by sorority girls all day).

Once we got back to the dorms, there was Krispy Kreme waiting for us in the basement lobby. I love college.


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