Move-In Day

Dear Blog,

Today I moved into college. It wasn’t quite as magical as everyone expects it to be.

To start, I was given one pass to bring in the car for 15 minutes to unload everything and bring it into the room, and then the car needed to be moved. Too bad I had at least 3 car loads of stuff. That was fun.

THEN, they gave us a two hour window to unpack our stuff. At 12:39 AM, I’m still not completely unpacked, and my space of the room reflects how it will look for the rest of the semester: unorganized and messy.

I have a bunch of storage and lots of stuff that should probably go into the bins that sit around my room but instead clutters my desk and bed. Should probably get on top of that.

Still have to get lots of knick-knacks for the room. And food.

SPEAKING OF FOOD: Why would a school move in students without starting the food plan? I need lunch and dinner but the $2500 food plan doesn’t cover move-in day. Thanks.

So instead, after a recruitment meeting that went an hour over the scheduled time, my mom picked me up at 10:30 PM to get more stuff from the hotel and pick up some food. As a result, I sat on my bed at 11:45 PM talking to my roommate about how we need to workout and eat well as I scarfed down a quarter pounder meal from McDonald’s.

Not really emotional either. My parents are here for, like, three more days.



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